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Fuel Savings

The rising cost of driving is hitting us too so here we're going to build a library of resources, articles and tools that will help you maximize the fuel mileage on your vehicles whether it's a mechanical things to look for or suggestion on driving habits. Stay Tuned!

10 Ways to save over $1000 in gas

If you've seen the email being passed around from the 31 year veteran of the petroleum industry telling you about 4 great gas saving tips don't spend any extra fuel trying to follow them. Here is the real scoop on each of those "tips"

4 Gas Savings Tips Uncovered

Interesting reading from our US Department of Energy


A Daily Fuel Economy Tip

A Daily Fuel Economy Tip

See who has the best gas prices in Ocala, zip code 34470, including maps.

Best Gas Prices in Ocala - MSN